New bunting on the make. A lot of sewing involved!! 


I'm working hard to get new toilet and shower block ready for this year. I will update when it's ready!!  


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas - Bring on 2018!

We are already getting excited about the next Camping season - hope you are too! 

There hasn't been enough snow to build a snowman at Rue Hill this year so I thought I'd re-share this one incase you missed it - built by my son & daughter 2 winters ago!  


Local walk

Lovely day for a local walk with Rueben our Dog and a treat half way at the Ramblers Retreat. 


Rueben had the Cappuccino biscuit and a healthy drink of water!!  


YUM !! 

Camp Fires 🔥

Social gathering around the Rue Hill Camp Fire,  late into the night.


Don't forget to bring the Marshmallows!! 

"Master Chef at work"


Hey good looking watcha got cooking? "SPANISH PAELLA "  and it looks and smells great!!!!

Blooming buttercups at Rue Hill 🌼🌼🌼 

View of the Bell Tents today 🏕😃⛺️😃🏕 

Only £50 per tent, per night (minimum stay two nights) 


The New Little Cabin.

New Little Cabin now-available to hire out.  sleeps 4, double bed, bunk bed, lighting, table and 4 chairs, coat hooks and shoe box. Not yet on web site, call 07932472997 if you want more info and would like to book. 


New development!!! 

 New toilet and shower block first stage of build, Now we have to kit out the interior, hopefully be ready towards the end of the season.🙂 

New toilet and shower block first stage of build, Now we have to kit out the interior, hopefully be ready towards the end of the season.🙂 

Birthday celebrations

Another 40th birthday celebrated at Rue Hill Camp Site. Lots of fun games and laughter😃 


Campfires to hire!

Hi Guys, I've had a couple of questions about fire pits just lately so heres some photos to show what we offer. We hire campfires for £10 - this comes with a fire pit, bag of logs, tub of sticks & some paper to get you started. If you are staying for more than one night and would like to have a campfire again the next night we charge £5 for log refills and you just hang on to the fire pit! 

We have fought hard to continue to provide campfires as no insurance company likes the idea of building fires for fun! But here at Rue Hill we believe that real camping is all about the campfire & so we will continue to fight that fight and we will continue to provide our campers with campfires!

Our fire pits have been specially designed to be as safe and sturdy as possible - I'm sorry but you can't bring your own fire pits onto Rue Hill Campsite. However, we do try to make fire pit hire and refill log bags as reasonable as possible to make sure you can all enjoy toasting marshmallows!  

p.s. You are of course all welcome to bring your own bbq or stove :) 

Mowing the paths in the bell tent meadow

The grass is leaping out of the ground - I think that if you sat and watched you could probably see it grow! The wild flowers are looking great plus our rabbit is loving all the dandelions! 


Lads on holiday

What a lovely group! Thanks for the home made kebab & steak! Pro campsite chefs!


Morning walk

Just 5 mins drive from the camp site I'm  enjoying my daily morning walk with my friend before duties begin. What a lovely start to the day!!